Joker's Band

Wanted to update you guys with another piece. This is an illustration I did for fun and for the DC Talent development workshop contest. It took quite a while to complete this piece, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I had some fun drawing the penguin and Mr.Freeze, and all the other Batman baddies. The best thing about Batman for me, is all his villains. I really believe the Batman series has the best villains compared to other comics/shows. They can be fun, creepy, ugly, sexy(at least the females.. we don't need a sexy Penguin). There's just so much variety, and the designs are so much fun. The idea behind this piece was that Joker is the leader of all these baddies, like a band leader, marching along and they follow. Hope you guys like it, I uploaded the colored version and the black and white below.

Joker and the Band

Joker and the Band black and white