Batman Sequentials!

Hey, how's it going everyone? I wanted to show you  guys what I've been working on, in my free time. DC comics was doing a Talent Development workshop, and I entered it. I decided to do four pages of sequentials and one pin up. I'll post the pin up on a seperate post, but here are the sequentials. The script I was working off of was pretty challenging but super fun. The script they chose was perfect to show character acting, backgrounds, buildings and cars, and action. Even after a few days after finishing it and submitting it, I can see things that I could've done different, but I feel I was able to tell the story effectively and the art seems solid. I'm sure in a few months I'll be beating myself up for a lot of the decisions I made on the sequentials, but that's how it goes, we make mistakes and learn from them. I hope you guys like them, please leave a comment and tell me what you think. What could I have done better? What should I keep doing? In the end I want to create content that keeps people engaged in the story, so I want to keep on improving as fast as I can. I'll let ya'll know if I hear anything from DC! Wish me luck!