Commissions and art update

   Hello everyone, just wanted to give y'all an art update. I've been doing a few commissions here and there and wanted to show y'all. The first one is a Magneto/ Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Jam piece. My buddy Bob commissioned this one, he's getting other artist to fill in the blank spaces with others members from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The second Commission is a Jessica Jones and Kilgrave commission, which my buddy Mostafa Moussa will be inking soon. After that one I have a Scarlet Spiderman and a black suited spiderman swinging through Houston Texas which will be inked by Mostafa Moussa as well. The last piece of art is a sketch I did while I was on vacation at Disney. I'll be posting more soon, so keep a look out! I'll be doing periscope sessions throughout the week, join me while I creat some art. You can find me by searching Josesartcave. As always, thank you guys for visiting my page and looking at my art.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Jam Piece

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Jam Piece Inks

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave Commission

Scarlet Spiderman and black suiterd spiderman commission

wolverine doodle