Ophidian 2360! and some more art!!

Hey guys, I wanted to let y'all know that some of my art will be a part of a card game called Ophidian 2360. They're having a Kickstarter as we speak! You can learn more about the game and back the kickstart if you like right HERE. Click that link and check it out, it looks like its going to be a lot of fun and many great artists are contributing to the art. One of my buddies, James Linares is part of it as well, so keep a look out for his art on there too. Below you can see my first contribution, the card is called "Slobbering Bite", hope y'all dig it. 

"Slobbering Bite" Card

Here's a video of some of the art that's going to be in the game.

I am also doing more periscope videos again, you can follow me by searching Josesartcave. Yesterday I did a quick Deadpool sketch and colored it as well while on periscope. If you want to see my process, by watching the periscopes you can see in real time the steps I go through to get to the final outcome. You can also ask questions or just go in to chat it up. Tonightat 7pm Central, I will be coloring  a Batman Piece and the next day, I'll be doing a Red Hood. I'll post below the Deadpool and the line art for the batman and Red Hood Piece.

Deadpool Digital Painting

Batman Line Art

Red Hood Line Art