Sketches and commissions

Hello everybody! Just wanted to update y'all with some art. Here's are some sketches and commissions I worked on recently.

This Dark Knight sketch I did for fun. After getting back from my vacation from Disney World, I was rusty from not drawing so I drew this.

This is a commission I just finished, it's going to be a Jam Piece with other artist. The commissioner wanted the Heath Ledger style joker in the middle and the other artist will be drawing different style of joker in between the playing card framing. 

A buddy of mine, Bob, asked me to start another one of his jam pieces. This time, a spiderman and villain jam piece. He asked me to draw a battle torn spidey in the middle and have the framing be webs, for the other artists to draw in. I had a lot of fun with this one. I used copic markers and watercolor on this one.

I wanted to get some sketching done in between my other work, so I sketched out one of my favorites, Wolverine. I also did this on Periscope, which you can follow by looking for Josesartcave.

Another fun sketch I did, I drew on a new app that I tried call You Now. 

Hope Ya'll liked this update, I'll have more for you guys soon!

-José Fernandez