Space City Comic Con Commissions and more!

Hello everyone! As ya'll know, my lovely wife and I got to set up at Space City Comic Con this past weekend and we had a lot of fun! I met a lot of cool people and got to see familiar faces as well. My buddy Mostafa was setup next to me along with his good friend Pablo, an amazing and now a friend. We worked on commissions together,which turned out great, and looking forward to collaborating on more pieces. I also got to do some great commissions which were a blast to do, I'll post some pictures below of the ones I remembered to take a picture of. I got to do some periscope sessions while I was there and I'm looking forward to doing more sessions like that at future cons. That's it for now, but keep an eye out for more periscope sessions, I'm doing my best to do one every day. If you want to follow me on periscope, my username is Josesartcave.

This commission was done for a blogger at destructoid by the name of Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon. He's a huge Megaman fan and asked for a Megaman X watercolor piece. I also wanted to say thanks to HLBC for mentioning me in THIS blog entry, ya'll should definitely check it out. It was great meeting you HLBC and your cuz, hope to see you at future cons.

Megaman X

This was a commission of The Tick! It was my first time drawing him and it was super fun.

The Tick

This commission was a really cool one I've never tried before.  The commissioner asked for a Clark Kent opening his shirt, transforming to Superman but in a Disney style. It was a challenge but I like how it turned out.

Clark Kent Disney Style

Here's a Carnage commission :)


These two following commissions were really fun because I loved these cartoons when I was younger. 

Vash the Stampede


This commission was a bit different from what I normally do, the pencils were done by Pablo Villalobos, the inks were done by Mostafa Moussa and I watercolored it! It turned out really cool!

Nick Fury

This here, is one of the highlights of the show! We met a cosplayer cosplaying as KK Slider and we showed him the KK Slider sketch I did a few days ago. He loved it so much he purchased it :) he was so awesome, he really loves Animal Crossing.

KK Slider with KK Slider sketch

1st day at the Con

Last day at the Con, thank you Space City!