Chunky Update!

Hey everybody, hope ya'll are doing well! Just got back yesterday from my first comic con of the year located in Waco, TX, called "Heart of Texas Comic Con" and it was awesome!! What a great start to my comic con season. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos, so I'll post what I have so far. 

Here are some sketch covers I did at the con, I couldn't get a scan of the Flash since that one was sold there. 

This next one I did a while ago and got it colored by the awesome Johnny Segura at this con, it came out freakin' awesome!

One of the highlights to the show was having the honor to meet the man behind the voice of Shin Chans Dad, Chuck Hubert! When I found out he was at the show, I had to do a quick sketch and get it signed by him... and that's not all.. I also got a recording of him with the sketch chanting the awesome Manly Brotherhood of Man Chant! I love that show so much and if you haven't checked it out.. you need to! I believe they have it on Hulu!

So that's it for now, but thank you for checking out my update. More is coming soon! Can't wait to show you guys more. See ya!!