Daily Sketch - Chewbacca

Back to some daily sketches! I decided to change gears to Star Wars. Batman stuff was a blast and I could keep going for a very long time, but I don't want to bore ya'll. Anyways, Star Wars is the hottest thing right now, so why not? For the first one I chose Chewbacca because I wanted to start off with something a bit easier and he's just freakin' awesome. I tried to sound his growl/yelling  out but I don't think I succeeded. If anybody know's how to spell it out,  please leave a comment with the correct spelling. 

Tools used!

  • Smooth Bristol
  • non-photo Blue lead in a mechanical pencil
  • Raphael 8404 size 2 kolinsky sable brush
  • Rapidograph Ultradraw 3085-F India Ink
  • Lukas Paines Grey Watercolor
  • Photoshop to add hint of color