Daily Sketch X2!!!!! Wahhhh!!! Howard and the HULK!


    If you haven't read this web comic! YOU NEED TO!!! This is where my first sketch of the day is from. This character is freakin' great, along with all the other characters from the series. The web comic is by the awesome Daniel Warren Johnson, and you can check his comic at SPACE-MULLET.COM  and you can check more of his awesome art at HIS WEBSITE. OH! He's also working on a fantastic comic called Ghost Fleet from Dark Horse, I highly recommend it!!!

A little about the piece... I sketched it in non-photo blue and inked it with a brush pen and then I scanned it and colored it on Photoshop. 

Howard Sketch


This second sketch of the day was actually suggested by a buddy of mines, Eddie Uresti! Thanks Eddie for being the first to suggest a sketch idea here at the Art Cave! This one was done with Ink, Brush, and Watercolors. Hope you guys like it, KTHXBYE!

Hulk Smash!!!